On our 13-year wedding anniversary weekend, my husband and I committed to doing something together. We united with nearly 500 individuals from all over the country – even around the world – to participate in a 2.1-mile open water swim called Point to La Pointe.

Over the past few months I’ve experienced God’s grace as I’ve trained for this event.

The morning of the swim grace overflowed. Although it rained the night before, and the water conditions weren’t the most ideal, I was reminded of Isaiah 40:30-31 (NLT). Since April, I’ve been meditating on and studying this passage.

As I swam against the current, and over choppy waters, I was reminded of childhood memories spent on the New Jersey Shore. “Is this the ocean?” I thought. Nope. Lake Superior.

I experienced unmerited favor at the finish. I came in second in my age group. However, due to the fact that the woman who had the best time in my age group was also the overall women’s champion, she was recognized for that accomplishment. Therefore, I was then recognized as the top time in the age group.

How have you experienced God’s grace?

18 thoughts on “Experiencing Grace

  1. Congratulations on the swimming honor and also your anniversary! You and Kyle make a great team! God bless you and your family!

  2. Oh I love this! As a fitness lover, I love finding Grace and enrichment as I do what I love. And what an accomplishment. Your comment about Lake Superior made me laugh. I went to Lake Superior last year for the first time and being from Puerto Rico, my senses were so confused– I know it is a lake but it looks like an ocean. lol

  3. Wow! Congrats!! So thankful for God’s grace! We are camping by a Great Lake soon- that’s a picture of God’s grace for me too!

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