Speaking Topics:
Miracles in the Mundane
Tired of the same old same old? Between the sleep deprivation, laundry, and washing dishes, life can feel mundane. As a mom we end up focusing more on the tasks at hand instead of on the miracles before us: a smile, a hug from a child, a giggle, a friend comes to visit, an answered prayer. By looking at Scripture, practical teaching and application, we will recount God’s goodness and celebrate all that He is doing in our lives! We will walk away with a new set of eyes, asking God to help us see His miracles in the mundane.

Find Stability on the Seesaws of Life
Life is like a seesaw with many ups and downs. Our feelings, circumstances, and hormones go up and down. There are things within our culture that try to offer us a sense of stability that doesn’t satisfy. Thankfully we have Jesus Christ who offers us true Stability and who keeps us grounded in our faith. Whether figuratively experiencing a winter-like season, where it feels like everything is constantly bottoming out, or springing upwards toward blessings and blossoms, we can be like the Psalmist who sang with joy in all seasons. By finding humor and observing miracles in the mundane, we can have rest and refreshment for our soul. Through abiding in God’s word, and staying teachable, we can be like the Apostle Paul who harnessed his faith no matter what!

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