StaceyThureenWebsiteheadshotbyKathyMarottaI desire to help you stay grounded in your faith, so that you can find stability on the seesaws of life. Why? Because of God’s grace and mercy. These are two words that are becoming etched within me. An identity crisis that started in March of 2002 when I began a relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m still learning how to embrace a beautifully imperfect life filled with grace…

When I was a little girl I looked forward to (and as an adult I have struggled with) becoming a wife and a mom. I can’t take the credit for these precious gifts from God.

I loved to read, write, and color (sometimes outside of the lines) as a child. Today, my writing is in three devotional books that focus on God’s grace and mercy. I’m also a Bible Gateway Blogger Grid member.

When I was little I’d pretend to be a teacher or a singer. Today, I’m a part of our church’s moms group leadership team. I also teach an adult water training class at our local YMCA. In 2018, I’ll be a part of the Finding Joy Ladies Night Out national speaking tour and executive board team. All of these ministry opportunities are where I get to talk with, and learn from, others about God’s grace and mercy.

I was a competitive swimmer growing up. Now when I dive into the water, I get to be saturated by God’s grace and mercy. In 2017, I became a two-time United States Masters Swimming national champion runner-up. I’m also a one-time brand ambassador for Dolfin Swimwear.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. For a season I helped raise awareness for this thyroid autoimmune condition. That was God’s grace in turning pain into purpose.

I’d love for you to join me in life’s unpredictable moments, by deepening your relationship with the greatest stabilizer of all: Jesus.