StaceyThureenWebsiteheadshotbyKathyMarottaI desire to help you stay grounded in your faith, so that you can find stability on the seesaws of life. Why? Because of God’s grace and mercy. These are two words that are becoming etched within me. An identity crisis that started 15 years ago when I began a relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m still learning how to embrace a beautifully imperfect life filled with grace…

I’m a wife and a mom. I can’t take the credit for these precious gifts from God.

I was a competitive swimmer growing up. Now, I’m getting back in touch with the joy I once had for this sport. That’s God’s grace and mercy.

I loved to read, write, and color (sometimes outside of the lines) as a child. Now, my writing is going to be in books. That’s God’s unmerited favor.

When I was little I’d pretend to be a teacher or a singer. Every now and then I get to speak about God’s grace and mercy.

I’d love for you to join me in life’s unpredictable moments, by deepening your relationship with the greatest stabilizer of all: Jesus.